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365 Days of Coding Challenge: Day 3

Today is my third day of Joe Santos' (aka Coding365Challenge. Again, I am working with the Bootstrap framework in the attempt of creating an HTML email for an e-commerce startup. With this latest work, I made some layout and content changes and embedded a Shopify product collection in the code.

It should be noted that I am currently not following the best practices concerning HTML email development--especially regarding responsive design and embedded JavaScript. In the days to come, I will work on revising my work to create a sendable email that appears without formatting errors in the majority of inboxes.

Here is the link to my CodePen for Day 3 and a screenshot below:

#CodingPhase #Coding365Challenge: Idrissa Lemaire Thiam's screenshot for Day 3

A quick shoutout to the's PutsMail HTML email testing service which offers a free way to test HTML emails in a multi-part fashion.

I know this sucks right now but I hope to level-up as I increase in consistency. Bye for now.

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