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365 Days of Coding Challenge: Day 7

Today is the seventh day of my journey to complete Joe Santos Garcia's (aka Coding365Challenge.

I'm sorry for the late post. I decided to take a more structured approach for my daily projects. I began today by starting FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certification course. I just finished up the section on HTML forms and decided to do a project that would incorporate a little of what I learned.

#CodingPhase #Coding365Challenge: Idrissa Lemaire Thiam's screenshot on FreeCodeCamp Day 7

I thought it would be cool to build a *simple* user registration form. I saw that renowned PHP/MySQL instructor John Morris had a tutorial on this so I decided to watch it and try to implement the code on my own shared server instance.

Excellent tutorial by John Morris (aka demonstrating database submission from HTML to MySQL database

It took a little of bit of debugging some initial database connection errors--hence the late post--but I was able to get it working for use here:

Feel free to review the code repository on Github and browse a screenshot of the code below:

#CodingPhase #Coding365Challenge: Idrissa Lemaire Thiam's code screenshot for Day 7

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