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365 Days of Coding Challenge: Day 5

Okay. So, I know this post is really late and I need to grind to get back on track. Today is the fifth day of my journey to complete Joe Santos' (aka Coding365Challenge where I would be spend 365 days coding on the web.

I was starting a new HTML5 document and then I realized that I do not have a standard way of structuring my HTML without relying on Twitter Bootstrap. I investigated HTML5 Boilerplate (aka h5BP) and liked what I saw, but I felt it contained far more resources than I needed for creating simple one-page HTML/CSS projects (see what the Moz Community Forum says about referencing humans.txt).

My goal was to create an HTML Boilerplate that only includes three files while using various scripts and stylesheets on trusted CDNs.

Here is the link to my CodePen for Day 5 and a screenshot below:

#CodingPhase #Coding365Challenge: Idrissa Lemaire Thiam's screenshot for Day 5

Please also feel free to review the repository on GitHub and leave a comment:

Will post again soon!

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