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Top 3 Image compression tool for web/mobile apps.

I recently got interested in compressing images on the client-side while I was working on a client project.
so I searched on google for the best online compression tool, after spent much time figuring out what is the best tool for using compression.

so here is the list of the best website I found:

1) TinyPng
It is a great online tool for compressing images, you can compress PNG, JPEG types image

2) mozJpeg
It is also a great tool for compression images but the good thing is you can compress images without quality loss, also you can edit and resize your images online with this tool.
Another Best feature is its technology is browser-based(means you images won't be upload) so you don't need to worry about the privacy of your images, and save a lot of your bandwidth.

3) compressjpeg
it is just like the tinyPng tool, it provides good results but there is a google ad.
you can compress both types of images PNG and JPEG.

I provide you the links you can use any of these tools to compress images for web/mobile apps etc
but I recommend you to use because it is best for me and after using it you'll like it


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