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VS Code Appwrite Snippets Extension🚀✨

Overview of Our Submission

It is obvious that Appwrite official documentation is super comprehensive, but busy developers don't need to always revisit the website to copy&paste the code when going to use a certain endpoint! So, we i.e DuoDevs created a cool VS Code extension which will generate the code as it is in the documentation🥳

E.g aa will do let user = await sdk.account.create('${1: USER_ID}', '${2: USER_EMAIL}','${3: USER_PASSWORD}');

Demo gif

We were highly inspired by a vs code extension called "ES7+ React/Redux/React-Native snippets" which generate snippets for React/Redux and react-native.

It is live here

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

Link to Code

Appwrite Snippets

Appwrite Snippets is a collection of commonly used Appwrite APIs. It increases your speed of development by eliminating most of the boilerplate code associated with making using Appwrite in your Project.


Naming convention used

We took the 'a' for appwrite + first letter of each word in the name of endpoint

eg: afca standing for appwrite flutter create account


Sample Prefixes

Shortcut Description
as Appwrite sdk
asp Appwrite sdk properties
afca Appwrite flutter create account
fcreateSession Create a new Account in flutter
afuan Appwrite flutter update account name
aa Appwrite Account (web sdk)
ga Get Account(web sdk)
uapass Update account password(web sdk)
da Delete account (web sdk)
gf Get file(web sdk)
gfv Get file for download (web sdk)
atm Appwrite Team membership
fcreateDocument Flutter Create a Document object
afud Appwrite flutter update document
afdd Appwrite flutter delete document
fcreateTeam Flutter create team
utmr update team membership

Additional Resources / Info

I worked with

Thank You for reading!
Happy Coding :)

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Ansh Saini • Edited

Great idea! Very useful.

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Thank you Saini :)