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write more flexbox code to query document element.

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Sometimes you need check if HTML element present in document, special your dom load from remote server and dynamic add to document.

If you code query DOM when document loaded, firt time the DOM maybe present you can queried it.

But if your DOM load from server, you query code clound not found it anymore. becuase you query code execute before **DOM **add to document

How reslove it? show me code to you

const awaitSomethingReady = (condition, maxCount = 500) => {
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    let getTestIntervalId = null
    const maxCheckCount = maxCount || 500
    let currentCheckCount = 0
    getTestIntervalId = setInterval(() => {
      currentCheckCount += 1
      if (maxCheckCount === currentCheckCount) {
      if (condition()) {
    }, 50)
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I just want to check if div with calss toolbar present so use awaitSomethingReady

  console.log("found toolbar")
  console.log("will found toolbar continue ...")
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That all you will write more flexible code

another way to quickly use npm live-query

Hope it can help you

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