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Configuring BroadLink with SmartIR in Home Assistant

Configure SmartIR is a very simple process but it's not something we do very often, and since I have a very bad memory for this kind of thing I decided to make a quick tutorial.

From SmartIR official doc:

SmartIR is a custom integration for controlling climate devices, media players and fans via infrared controllers.
SmartIR currently supports the following controllers:

  • Broadlink
  • Xiaomi IR Remote (ChuangmiIr)
  • Remote
  • ESPHome User-defined service for remote transmitter
  • MQTT Publish service_
  1. Go to Configuration -> Devices & Services (Integrations, devices, entities and areas). And search for the BroadLink integration.home assistant searching BroadLink integration
  2. Enter the IP number of the BroadLink remote(you can get the IP easily using the BroadLink app. Select the remote, click on the 3 points in the upper right corner, device info and you will see the IP).Add device using IP
  3. Enter a name and click submit.Add a name
  4. Copy the entity id for later. copy entity id
  5. Add SmartIR to HACS, probably you will not find the integration, so you have to add it manually. how to add custom repos
  6. Just click on the Custom repositories option, and use the following link to fill the repository field (make sure to choose Integration in the category list). configure custom repo
  7. Let's going to configure a climate device. Open your configuration.yml file and add the following block:

  - platform: smartir
    name: Living AC
    unique_id: living_ac
    device_code: 1760
    controller_data: remote.rc_living_remote
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8.Replace name and unique_id with a value of your choice, device_code with one of the available codes of the list and controller_data with the entity id of the 4th step.

9.Save the configuration.yml and restart Home Assistant.

10.Once the restart is completed, add a new card to your view. Click on add card button -> select the Thermostat card, and select the entity. configuring Thermostat card

Now you should be able to control your air conditioner in a very simple way.


When adding the BroadLink device to Home Assistant could be possible to get an error because the device is blocked, just follow the instructions mentioned below to unlock the device.

unlock device instructions

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