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I make my first Electron application to document my journey as Junior developer in a timelapse video

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I'm a self-taught developer and I love watching speed coding videos and see how things are built-in timelapse video effects and I was inspired by Devon Crawford Video which he makes a script to automate his video editing process and it's built it with C and FFmpeg after that I come up with an idea for a cross-platform desktop app using Node js and FFmpeg

Features of Makerlapse:

Light files: We don't record a full-length video and then speed it up – instead, we record directly a time-lapse video. This means no heavy files on your hard drive and quicker exporting process.

Simple UI: We provide easy & clean UI with only necessary elements, with one click you can get the time-lapse video ready in a couple of seconds

Add your own soundtrack: You can upload your own soundtrack. So, you'll have a ready-made timelapse video to share

Cross-platform: You can use it both on Windows (Very soon will be available) and Mac OS

I'd love to hear your feedback about it
Thank You

Github Repo: https://github.com/IliasHad/makerlapse-app

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