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Akash Patel
Akash Patel

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My Portfolio Site

What I built

I have built my own personal portfolio website using react and bootstrap.

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Personal Site/Portfolio

App Link


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This portfolio website is built using react and bootstrap. This website have features like it don't get refreshed when you switch from 1 page to another. This website contains 4 pages i.e. Home, Education, Experience, Contact.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

Licensed under MIT license.


I am open-source enthusiast and i always wish to participate in hackathon like this so that i can contribute more and more in open-source world.

How I built it

After reading the new feature of digitalocean App platform
i thought that it will great choice for me to host my website
using feature. This is first time i'm hosting any website.

Additional Resources/Info

I would like to thank everyone for organizing this hackathon. I Would also like to wish all other participants "All the best".

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Maksim N Epikhin (PIKHTA)

Not bad, but there are comments.
The footer looks terrible on all pages. I would make it higher in height and press it to the bottom of the browser. The top menu would not be limited in width, just like the footer. Most likely, making the top menu a bottom shadow would be much more interesting than a servo color.
On the page about you, the width of the container is not equal to the rest of the pages and shifts are visible when switching to other pages. Obviously the menb is getting narrower (perhaps the indents are naughty).

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Akash Patel

hii, thankyou for your feedback. I will surely work on it to improve my website design as much as i can.

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Abhishek Sisodiya

I loved the design

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Akash Patel


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Devesh Kumar Singh

Very nice and clean looking portfolio!!

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Akash Patel

Thankyou 😀

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