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Manish Kumar Barnwal
Manish Kumar Barnwal

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Completed Hacktobefest Challenge

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

So, this year Hacktoberfest is quite adventurous for me. Right from being an organiser to a contributor. As we all know this year due to Covid19 we're not able to conduct or join any offline events so on keeping that in mind we had organised online session Opensource 101 for newbies who were putting their feet first time in the opensource world.

We had also created a project for them to contribute, the theme of the project is inspiring for me, the project's theme is Women Safety and the name of the project is YouSafe you must check out it's based on Flutter and Kotlin for now. So, in this project, I played the role of maintainer for this project.

Apart from this project I also contributed to a few other opensource projects of Organisations. Which was also a great experience for me. Now all thanks go to DigitalOcean,, and other sponsors.

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