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Hacktoberfest 2020

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

This was my first time taking part on a Hacktoberfest. I was kinda scared, because i have never contribute on a opensource project before, so when i saw that He4rtDevelopers(A famous Dev community on Brazil) was hosting a repo with some challenges for people like me learn how contributing works, i saw my chance.

My plan was to contribute right away, but depression kicked my butt. Then i saw Daniel, Founder of He4rt, on a Stream merging 100 PR or so, and i have got motivated to help. In the same moment, i've cloned the repo, made a simple challenge and pushed, and seeing Daniel reactionless, mergin my PR was a great feeling. I've made some more challenges, got them reviewed and merged and then, i started to review some PRs, and boy... seeing i could help people and learn with them, this was the best of the feelings.

So, i may not contribute to new repositories by laziness, but now i know for sure how to contribute, and how github issues works, because i've learned with the community.

Thanks Hacktoberfest, Thanks He4rtDevelopers.

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