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[HELP] Best proxy server socks5

Hi, I am really struggling to find a good socks5 proxy to use on my Linux machine.
I have found tinyproxy but the version that I get from apt-get does not support HTTPS and it's a normal HTTP proxy, not even socks5.
I can't even find good documentation about squid or other proxy servers, it's such a niche argument.
I don't have such a great knowledge of http and tcp protocols to create one myself so I'm kind of lost.

Thank you!

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Bishwas Bhandari • Edited

I think the Webshare proxy is the best and the cheapest proxy I have ever used. It has Username/Password and IP authorization methods for authentication. It also provides direct and backbone connections. And the proxy protocols are HTTPS and SOCK5. And all these features come in $2 for 100 proxies.
In a nutshell:

  1. Authentication methods: Username/Password and IP Authorization
  2. Connection Methods: Direct connection and Backbone connection
  3. Proxy Protocols: HTTP and SOCK5
  4. Rotating Proxies: Available (can be enabled easily)
  5. Multiple IP: Yes, you can add multiple IPs to use the proxies.
  6. Price Range: $2 for 100 proxies
  7. Satisfaction: I am awesomely satisfied
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Adrian B.G.

If you need it to inspect web requests for your development I would suggest investing in a Charles Proxy license, it will worth it.

If you have other needs, like relaying trough VPNs or other stuff please state them, and hopefully a sys-admin will help you with a free solution.

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