Learn Go Programming - Yearly Recap - 2017

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In this article I’m going to cover what happened in 2017 and what will happen in 2018. And also, I’ve created a path for you to follow, so you can read my articles in order to digest them easily.


After working days, nights, weeks, weekends, and months fulltime educating people about Go for 3 months, this happened:

  • I wrote 100,000 words in total (After edits: 20,000 words in total)
  • 2.500+ unique people followed me
  • 1.300+ people followed my blog
  • 500+ people subscribed to my e-mail list (Join here)
  • 800+ people followed me on Medium
  • 500+ people followed me on Twitter
  • 100+ subscribers in 10 days to the newly created Learn Go Programming public Slack channel (Join here)
  • I created dozens of visuals, animations and code exercises
  • I post hundreds of educational tweets
  • Some of my posts become Reddit and Hackernews top-posts and shared by many other publications
  • Many great people have reached and offered great opportunities for me (even joining to Google!)
  • Dozens of people have said to me that they learned Go through my work

2018 Goals

Some of my 2018 goals are about earning a little bit of money (somehow?) because I need to drink coffee too.

  • “ Any suggestions? Please tell me. ”
  • Releasing my online course (Started doing it — exciting!)
  • Releasing screencasts which I’d talk about everything Go
  • Creating a Youtube channel
  • Writing a book about Go
  • Continue creating more awesome free content

👶 My Blog is Very Young

It’s just ~3 months old — I started doing it publicly since the last quarter of 2017. It has always been my goal to teach people what I know and I’m glad that I’m doing it now.

🤩 My Vision

My vision has always been to create the most concise, information-packed, visual and simple to digest articles that you can find in one place.

I’ve created this blog because the information about Go is dispersed in many places, so, you need to search for it in too many places. Also, many articles are too complex or just shallow or hard to understand for many beginners and even for intermediate-level gophers. I’m trying to reduce these problems.

❤️ 💜 💙 💚 💛
Allright! Now, I’m going to summarize most of the content I’ve created about Go last year. I’m very happy that I could be able to help people. Enjoy!

All articles from 2017

You may read the articles in the order I‘m listing here. Almost all of my articles include explanations, tips and tricks, visuals and code exercises which you can try online.

🐦 Twitter

I also have started tweeting almost daily 2 months ago. I tweet a lot of tips and tricks and exercise questions about Go. I see that it helps many people out there.

Check them out here.

I’m also creating an online course for Go → Join to my newsletter.

  • Let’s stay in touch weekly for new tutorials and tips.
  • 👍 Subscribers will get the discounted price (and even free) for my course when it’s get published.

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I really want to learn golang, this is the year which I want to improve my skills with this language and after read this article rankred.com/new-programming-langua... I know golang is the best option, thanks for your articles and tips in twitter, I'm wating for you course and know about your youtube channel


Thanks Gustavo, this year you'll definitely learn Go and you'll make at least one project with it.