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2017 Was a Year: $ git push origin Nigeria

If you are a fan of PES 2016, I’m sure you remember that song Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit. The part of the song I like most, 🎵 1985 Was a Good Year.

Psst: Did you scream it. Let’s try a second time 🎵 1985 was a good year!!!

Konami PES 2016

Few weeks ago, I was intimidated by the number of 2017 reviews I saw on Medium. The God’s must be Crazy Right.

Let’s do a quick one.

Bear in mind, this is not some history class.

The history of Nigerian Tech Industry before 2017 mostly lived on Google, Twitter and part of it was hanging around on Facebook, yeah I know you can find GitHub in some of the pages in Nigerian Tech Story.

So let’s start, Google Developers Summit 2017, forLoop Africa Building for the next Billion User and the Google DevFests notice the  S.*4VBz3MNbqwINmpjISNvuJg.jpeg
GDG DevFest North Central 2017

I am sure by now you get my point. The status of a developer migrated from some title on Linkedin to something of a community based.

We now have celebrity developers.

Glad I am Pic Credit:

The community growth that used to be borne by the Cyber Cafes thanks to those guys seriously, now we have Facebook, Google and Microsoft included yeah you heard me right Microsoft, the magics in 2017.

Through Andela Learning Community 1.0 and 2.0, Internship, Basic Coding Challenge and many out there, Nigerian Youths are really building the Tomorrow Nigeria.

Did you read about the guy from Port Harcourt To Silicon Valley or that guy Who Built an App on Nokia Phone .

And this is just the beginning, 2018 is just 13 days gone and I can’t even keep track of how many Meet Up had happened in just one weekend

I know right, I remembered when they used us as an explanation to Yahoo Boys

Now as a Nigerian and a Developer in Nigeria (Believe me these are two different things) please help me scream 🎵 2017 was a Good Year 🎵. It won’t even be a good rhythm yet 🎵 2017 was a good year 🎵.

Thank You.

I know 2018 will be another good year and I hope you will contribute to Nigeria and add positive value to the community just commit before 2018 ends, all you need is $ git push even if you have to use --force believe me you won’t regret it because once your pull request is merged our journey has began.

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