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Free marketing analytics tool for your web app

innovativecoder profile image Jasneet Sawhney ・2 min read

Making a landing/opt-in page for your next product? But struggling too hard to design in best for conversions? Wait let's decipher this in this blog.

We as developers focus a lot on design, animations, performance, and accessibility, but one major feature of a website we neglect is to convert a user into a hot lead who can buy the product. A web page is a sales page at the end of the day.

Flukes and wage predictions can help get some random results which might work in some cases, but to be precise and do everything under the light of data, we have to use some tools. In this blog, let's look at some of which I used on my own website and how it helped me increase my conversions by 200%.

  1. Microsoft Clarity - this is by far the best of all the tools I used for marketing analytics and is currently in its beta stage, so more features will keep getting added over time. But as of now, this is the best one out there as it now only shows me analytics and demographics but also gives recordings of users who visited the page. And yes, this is unlimited in the free plan as well, this is the USP.

  2. HotJar - A lot of companies use this tool. On the free plan, it gives only 300 recordings, after that it will ask you to update them. Also, I don't find any difference between Clarity and Hotjar, they give pretty much the same key metrics. moreover, Clarity gets connected to Google Analytics and hence provides way advanced features than Hotjar.

  3. Yandex Metrica - One more completely free tool. Though this is a Russian tool, so can't vouch for privacy. If you put that point aside for a moment, then this tool can pave your way towards really excellent user data, at least it did for me. Only after this tool, I was able to make the copy of my page better.

  4. Heap - A counterpart of Google analytics but working on some different key points. This one has a freemium model, so you have to pay once you have huge traffic coming on to your website, well for me it's still free ;)

I tried a lot of other tools as well, like Moat, leap, and so on, but these are the only ones that I wish to use for my next project as well. Hence, these are the tools would like to recommend to any fellow developer.

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