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Slides: .NET Unit Testing Libraries

Below are the slides I used for my talk several weeks ago at the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group (CONDG).

In this talk I discuss various libraries and techniques for expanding .NET unit testing with a goal of exposing the audience to as many different types of testing libraries as possible.

For more details on Scientist .NET, I recommend you read my in-depth article on it:

I discuss more about snapshot testing and Snapper in this article:

Code and slides are available in the following GitHub repo:

GitHub logo IntegerMan / SoftwareQualityTalk

Slides and sample code from a talk I'm giving on Software Quality and .NET applications

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Matt Eland

Incidentally, I learned a lot from these slides that I would change for next time. Simplifying the code, relying on text and not pictures for code, and using stronger contrasting colors are a few takeaways, as are looking to make the slides simpler and flow a bit more conversationally (though the arrows animate in the actual presentation from point to point, which helps with audience focus).