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React Electron Boilerplate

This boilerplate is for desktop application development using web frameworks and libraries including React, Electron, Parcel. The boilerplate provides quality control with Jest, Enzyme for testing, and ESLint for linting.

How to use the boilerplate

Setup new project

  1. Clone the project
   git clone
  1. Change directory name and the following properties in package.json to your new project.
     "name": "your-new-project",
     "version": "1.0.0",
     "description": "What about the project",
     "repository": {
       "type": "git",
       "url": "git+"
     "keywords": ["electron", "react", "what about"],
     "author": "Name Surname",
     "license": "MIT",
     "bugs": {
       "url": ""
     "homepage": "https://your-home-page"

Note: DO NOT delete the rest of properties in the package.json.

  1. Install dependencies
   npm i

Start development

npm run dev

Build production

npm run build

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