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The one about JS fundamentals - WEEK 1

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Shock to the system. All in all, there was probably 30 minutes worth of info that I was comfortable with..everything else was all new territory. Excitement, fear, self questioning, tears, self gratification....every emotion on the planet was experienced this week. I was struggling to find my feet.

Exposure to Github, collaborating with others, using Vscode, RegEx and Array methods were the main topics covered. was my best friend resource.

My first unforgettable experience was the first time I did pair programming. I was a nervous wreak as its something I had never experienced before. We ended up having to call in a tutor, not for coding issues but how to even get zoom going. Neither one of us knew how to screen share. Embarrassing but funny. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere I guess and my partner was super super nice.

Also I've had to make peace with the fact that its expected (for myself anyway) that the first hurdle is always going to be a setup issue.

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