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Codiamo, a code journal platform built for code newbies!

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Hello dev community šŸ‘‹ How are you all doing this week?
Some of you may know me from Twitter, but for those of you who don't, I am a code newbie who started learning programming in November 2019. I started with HTML -> CSS -> JavaScript -> React and took part in #100DaysOfCode challenge which finished in 8th of March.

For those of you who don't know what this challenge is all about should read more about it from here

Besides learning how to code, staying motivated while learning to code was one of my biggest challenges, which is why I always recommend absolute newbies to start this challenge. The Twitter dev community is amazing at keeping each other motivated, helping out with bugs, resources & advice. You will never feel alone in the journey and will constantly have other newbies around you who are at the same level as you.

Okay so what is Codiamo?

Most of the experienced developers on Twitter recommends code newbies to, first of all, do the #100daysofcode challenge and secondly, document their journey. Why? Because since we are new to development, we easily lose track, feel unmotivated, lose focus and go through a phase I like to call the "dark zone" when after doing learning to code for a few weeks you start doubting if coding is actually for you because JavaScript is nothing close to what HTML/CSS is like (Rainbows & Unicorns).

Codiamo is a coding journal platform designed by me and developed by my husband, Foysal to allow newbies to keep track of their daily coding activities and stay on track of their progress. You will have 24 hours to add the activities and 24 hours to edit them. So there is no way to cheat!

On top, I believe keeping a diary of our activities will allow us to show our future employers what we have been up to in a more organised way. As a beginner, it's always hard to convince our employers that we are hard workers and have been active in the learning process everyday. Sure Github does it for us but it takes some time to learn how Github works and we don't always write code to learn how to code. We read books, play coding games, watch interesting tutorials, listen to podcasts and so on.


If you have already started your challenge on Twitter and would like to use Codiamo to track your progress, then the good news is we allow you 3 days to import your previous activities from Twitter to Codiamo but the bad news is you will have to import your days manually due to Twitter restrictions.


Currently, Codiamo has these features:

Different type of activities

activity type

A statistics page

Codiamo Stattistics

Reacting to other's activities

Reactions of Codiamo

A heatmap like GitHub with 3 different activity shades.

Codiamo heatmap

Choosing courses from different platforms & will be added more per user's request

Courses of Codiamo

Twitter share

Twitter codiamo

Dark mode

Darkmode of codiamo

  • Option to also make an activity private
  • Search
  • Little Animations - hehe! It's not a feature but I am so excited that I have learnt how to do small animations on webpages! I had to mention that it exists!
Upcoming features
  • A news feed where users can see everyone's activities altogether on one page should be coming very soon.

I started my second round of the challenge today and using Codiamo to document my journey. Check it here

You can also check out my brother's Codiamo profile who is currently 15 years old and learning programming and was my personal guinea pig ā¤ļø. Thanks to him for being my own personal Codiamo tester. Link

Let us know what you think of the platform and the kind of features you would like to see. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Note: The app does not intend to replace Twitter for new developers but rather encourages to use it as a great resource and social platform. The only intention of Codiamo is to never lose the hard work we put into our challenges and keep our day to day activities in one place.

Happy Coding everyone!

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Mikey Stengel • Edited

Codiamo looks amazing! :)

You can follow my learning progress here

Feel free to share your Codiamo and Twitter handles too!

nikema profile image

This is too cool. Iā€™m determined to finish a 100 days of code cycle in my lifetime. I think this tool will make it easier to document

iraamoni profile image

It sure will Nikema :)