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[Hacktoberfest 2021] Fixes UI of the application

My second contribution was for a website called "GDSC JGEC Website".
The issue was with some UI of the webpage, which had some bug, and also design that was not enough.

Original Page
The original page looked like this. There was a bug with the banner "Upcoming Events" which was not showing properly.
I updated the margin-top from 2% to 5% to show off the whole banner properly.

For the design of the website, I wanted to make it looks like matching with the website theme.
So I re-used the background image from another page of the application. Also the color, light green did not quite suit with the website theme. I looked at other pages to find some colors that goes with the main theme of the webpage, and re-used those colors to the event card.
Also, font and the box designs was modified to match with other pages.
After the fixes, it looks like below.
Image description

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