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My First Pull Request on Hacktoberfest 2021

As the first participation on hacktoberfest 2021, I chose an issue from search API called meilisearch. It was built for Java developers to help with their searches with some filters, sorting, and keywords which makes the developers to integrate search function easier in their program.

The issue was created by the modifier of the project,
It was missing some test cases for the setting functions.
I had no experience with Junit before, but unit testing seemed very interesting and important so I chose to contribute to the issue.

The tasks are to create one more test case for each subsetting functions when user input null as the setting value. The function was to reset the setting to the default setting of the API.
Junit methods that was being used in my test cases are below.

assertNotEqual(expected, actual);
assertArrayEqual(expected, actual);
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After I push my changes and create PR, I failed the automated test because I forgot to run the script to remove the linter.
And after I remove the linter, I was finally able to get it passed and accepted by the modifier.

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