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Merge branches into Master

For lab 3 we are required to implement two more features for our little command-line tool which is used to check if the links in a file are reachable or not. I need to admit it has been a tough week for me. The content is not that hard to understand, but I made some tough choices myself, which makes me regret the whole week.
My friend told me to choose easier features to complete the lab, like adding exit codes, etc., however, I decided to choose the one asking to allow JSON output by adding -j or --j flag as arguments. I had been overconfident thinking this one is also an easier one, and life has taught me a lesson through the hard way.

The first feature I chose is to allow the environment variable CLICOLOR to determine the appearance of the output. This one is easy and there is not much struggling part when implementing this feature. I first filed an issue myself, issue-8, and then created a branch issue-8 to complete this task using

git checkout -b issue-8 master
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After completing this feature, I changed the working branch back to master and merged branch issue-8 into master, the detailed changes can be checked here.

git checkout master
git merge issue-8
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Here comes the fun/struggling part. The second one I chose is to allow JSON output by passing an argument like -j or --json. I expected this one to be a simple one as well since I have implemented other flags in my program. However, I was wrong. I filed an issue called issue-9, then I created a branch for issue-9, of course before I merged issue-8 into master(hoping to have some conflicts when doing the second merge and learn from that). I regretted for several days for making this choice but don't want to surrender this early. Sometimes I am a last-minute player, especially when I am hoping I can do something perfectly but realize the difficulty of doing it. There were so many conflicts with my former logic if I want to add the -j or --json flag. I cannot support multiple files checking using my old logic if I want the json output flags, because any flag would be treated as a file name. I don't want to delete this feature just to add a new one. I was stuck. I checked how others do it and saw they made the file names as a flag, so when trying to run the program, they need to obey format like:

go run urlChecker --file test/urls.txt -j
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I don't like it. I got stuck again. For several days I didn't even want to open my editor to work on it. Finally, I figured a way to solve it as below, by checking the first element of the arguments, it is not a smart way I know, but this is the best that I can find.

if os.Args[i][0] != '-' {

                //open file and read it
                content, err := ioutil.ReadFile(os.Args[i])
                if err != nil {
                textContent := string(content)

                //call functions to check the availability of each url
                urls = removeDuplicate(extractURL(textContent))

                //check if there are flags for JSON output or not
                if *jflag {

                } else {

                    fmt.Println(">>  ***** UrlChecker is working now...... *****  <<")
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Thanks to David's extension of the deadline, I finally finished implementing this feature today, and it was amazing that when I merged branch issue-9 into master, it got merged automatically without torturing me with complicated conflicts at all. Thank you, Git!
I feel so good to conquer the obstacles that I set for myself, and I know there are many other bugs or shortages in my program, but I choose not to tell and to ignore them for now and move on.
Since this is the Hacktoberfest month, and I should finish at least one PR by tomorrow, and I haven't done anything for it yet, I know it will be a long week for me again, and a struggling month as well. I have been and will be anxious and angry more often, but I will not give up.
Please click the links below for the two issues solved through this lab in case you are interested in.
issue-8: implementation
issue-9: implementation

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Norro valentin • Edited

Actually it's main not master :)

joke 😋

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Isabella Liu • Edited

Oh my god, I haven't finished writing yet and I didn't expect anyone reading this early :< But thank you for reading it!