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From Hairdresser to coderMun

Eight months ago I woke up with a new dream, “I will become a Webdeveloper”. Thinking out loud “Is it a crazy idea?”, because I’m very busy every time, should I take my free time to learn code??, that sound not funny!!, but yes! I’m doing it. Between my work, my child, my husband, my full house… I’m getting crazy ideas to keep growing in the webdevelopment world. One day I knew @scrimba and I began The Frontend Developer Career Path, one of the best interactive courses that I have made. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the lesson, teachers’ support and the community, with @scrimba you don’t feel alone in any moment.

Currently I’m challenging myself with the #JavaScrismas challenge is not just about the prizing, the goal is to learn and keep moving forward. Thanks @scrimba for this great opportunity. Let’s show you my solutions:

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

Day 4.

Day 5.

Day 6.

Day 7.

Day 8.

Day 9.

Day 10.

Day 11.

Day 12.

Day 13.

Day 14.

Day 15.

Day 16.

Day 17.

Day 18.

Day 19.

Day 20.

Day 21.

Day 22.

Day 23.

Day 24.

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This is fantastic! I'd love to read more about your learning journey as you venture into web development. Also, glad to hear you're enjoying Scrimba and JavaScriptmas 🎄

isaryaime19 profile image

Thanks, maybe I'll write other post about my experience with the Frontend Developer Career Path, :D