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Why ditched Windows for Linux

What Is Linux

When it comes to this topic there are two kinds of people. People who react What is Linux even? and the People who say like Yeah I know Linux and I have it on my pc.

Well, Linux is not a single operating system but a whole family of them. A man named Linus Torvalds created the Linux Kernel (A program made to manage all the devices connected to a system) and made it available open source and that was the starting point of Linux. From then People started adding their own code on top of it to create various operating systems.

There are 100s no 1000s of operating systems under the linux family of operating systems a whole new you have probably not discovered.

These operating systems do again upload things open source and then more and more operating systems use their existing code to create new operating systems.

Some of the Jewels of Linux's Crowns are. ArchLinux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint. Most of the operating systems are used to manage servers, but a few people use it as their daily operating system.

The one which I use is Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu and Ubuntu itself based on Debian and Debian just sits on top of the Linux Kernel.

Why Linux

Ok, we just discussed that Linux exists, but its mere existence will not mean that you have to use it over Windows (In this article I am comparing Windows and Linux keeping Macos out of the arena because I never owned a mac). It should have features that make it better than the computer gaint Windows.


The problem of having a 4gb ram laptop increase when you program in it. I used my laptop to code and it just used to break up every now and then.
I was fed up of this problem and decided to do a quick google search about the fastest operating system ( I knew linux existed but I never actually tried it). The answer was Linux Mint and after the switch I got relieved from the problem of repetitive hangs. It stil hangs but not every now and then but occasionaly or if I be honest weekly


Do you own a Windows laptop then you know the pain of updating it now and then like every month or so. A automatic Candy Crush install when you buy your PC. All this won't happen in Linux. They tell you want is happening on your pc. Just the apps you want and no hassle to install updates foricbly.

Reviving Old Systems

If I own a windows laptop then the biggest problem for me is that if it is not that high-end then the operating system will take repetitve hiccups. Linux on the other hand can be run on a 2gb ram laptop as well. Your daddy's old PC has got no need to be upgraded use linux and save money.


This is the most striking feature of Linux. It has better features than Windows but is still free. That is why Linux laptops are cheaper than Windows laptops.

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Ben Sinclair

Linux laptops aren't generally cheaper than Windows laptops; people buy laptops with Windows on them and replace the OS.

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Ishan Tiwari Author

Yes but there are some laptops like the Lenovo and Dell series which are indeed cheap. If they were made with Windows 10 they would have a higher price