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Adding Shopify to Your Next.js Stack is 🚀 + 💰 + 🙌

You have probably heard about all of the technologies I am going to mention in this post, so I won't bore you with defining each one.

In this post I want tell you why adding Shopify to your Next.js/React/JavaScript tech stack is probably one of the best decisions you can make for your freelancing or even as a career move.

Let's go:

1. Make More Money 💰

Of course, in a world run by money, we all want to make more of it. Obviously this can't be your only reason to learn programming or to work in a particular field but this is an important factor to consider in your career.

In short, we all want to be compensated properly for our efforts and if we can get paid more, why not?

Developing for the e-commerce field gives you a leg up on other niches in programming. Why? There is money revolving here. People go into e-commerce to make money. And we all know that in order make money, you need to spend money. Entrepreneurs know this best. So they are willing to invest into their store in order to make money in the future.

Every entrepreneur I have spoken to understands this concept and are more than willing to invest to make their stores better, faster, prettier.

By adding this skillset to your tech stack, you unlock a whole new set of doors. You go from being just a regular developer to a money making machine.


Regular React Landing Page: $1,000-$2,000 to develop (from my experience)

Headless Shopify Storefront using Next.js: $25,000 - $75,000 to develop (from my experience)

E-commerce is rapidly integrating into every part of the web, don't exclude payments from your tech stack.

2. It's Super Fast 🚀

Literally, in every way. It's super fast to add Shopify to your tech stack but it's also SUPER FAST. We all know that Next.js allows you make super snappy stores.

Giving that super power to e-commerce sites is very powerful. Studies have shown that faster storefront greatly increase conversion rates. Initial statistics that I've seen with Next.js in e-commerce are incredible!

If you are already familiar with React.js, adding Next.js and Shopify to your Tech stack is a breeze. Not only will you open yourself up to more opportunities but you will start enjoying development more! Next.js has some of the best developer experience out of any framework, and so does Shopify.

3. Become a Well-Rounded Developer 🙌

By Adding Shopify and Next.js (also throw in some Tailwind CSS in there for good measures) to your tech you will quickly become a more valuable developer. Your time will be worth more and you will be able to have a bigger impact on any project that you decide to tackle.

Why I wrote this article

I have personally been developing with Shopify and React for the last 2 years and have nothing but good things to say about it. First, learning React changed my life and then adding Shopify opened incredible opportunities for me. Now my passion is to enable developers to explore better opportunities and earn more in the process.

I have recently released a public Github with a Next.js + Shopify + Tailwind CSS Starter and a Course to accompany it (for those who want guidance on how to quickly add these technologies to your arsenal).

Check it out here!

Landing page for the course (Made with Next.js and Tailwind CSS):

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