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Why do I write?

A lot of times, I had an idea to write about and then I start thinking should I write about it now? Is it an important thing to write about? Will it get a good reaction from readers, or will any body be interested to read it at all? Is it the good time to post an article, or should I wait to rush hour to get more likes, and comments?
Most of times after this storm of questions the idea is dead before it has been born.

This morning I was wondering "Why I write?". I have also intended to start a Youtube channel soon, and have prepared for it and waiting for some equipment to start filming the first video. But again, "Why do I do so?". Then I remembered how I was thinking before that it would be a great thing if one could leave something that could change somebody's life to the better. And what can do so more than a useful knowledge even if it is a small tiny piece of knowledge. A way to make this world a better place.

I decided to write every piece of information that I learn, talk about it, teach it to others without thinking in any reaction, self-fulfillment through it. I decided to make the benefit of others the main goal and any other thing comes after it.

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