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Enhance your React workflow with this new tool

One of the most frustrating thing about developing in web frameworks is the constant boilerplate code needed each time you start a new project, component, page, etc.

The Agrippa CLI aims to solve or at least mitigate this problem for React developers.

Agrippa inherit the modularity and unopinionated approach of React with a modular, customizable CLI that help you create React components easily, and most importantly FAST.

As written in their documentation:

Agrippa is a humble CLI, whose purpose is to assist React developers in creating components without the boilerplate. It can easily generate templates for React components of different compositions (styling solutions, prop validations, etc.) and in different environments. -Agrippa on Github

Simple and Convenient CLI

to use Agrippa you can install it globally npm i -g agrippa (or yarn global add agrippa).

Once installed, components can be generated using agrippa gen [options]
Some of the options supported by agrippa gen are:
--styling: which styling solution to use (e.g. CSS, SCSS, JSS, Material-UI).
-props: which prop validation/definition solution to use (e.g. Typescript interfaces, prop-types, JSDoc comments).
--children: whether the components is meant to have children or not.

Also, Agrippa automatically detects and sets other, important defaults for you, such as whether to use Typescript or Javascript, and whether to import React or not. — Article written by the creator of the package

Agrippa has more options and configuration, with the latest update adding a custom post commands, and base directories configuration.


in conclusion the Agrippa CLI has become my preferred way of creating React component hassle-free, and it might be fitting for you too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it would be awesome if you consider showing love to original developer of the package:

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