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ItsASine (Kayla)
ItsASine (Kayla)

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Hi, I'm ItsASine (again)

Hi, I'm ItsASine

To commemorate my 3 year mark on, I'm actually going to start contributing content by starting a tech blog

Who I Am

  • I've been around DEV for a while — mostly bookmarking articles I'll never read, but otherwise, I keep to the comments
  • I have 5 years experience as a software test engineer
  • My normal testing stack is Selenium, Jasmine, and Protractor
  • I tend not to end single sentences with punctuation
  • I recently got a master's degree in applied mathematics
    • or, I'm a certified mathemagician
  • I've overly planned how this will go so that I don't fizzle out after 3 posts
    • It'll be more like 15 posts instead, starting with this one :D
  • I'm a DEV mod and tag mod of a bunch of things, so you may have seen me around acting like I'm official and stuff like a hall monitor

What to Expect

Most of my plans for posts revolve around acceptance testing, as that's where my professional experience is and that's somewhat underrepresented in tech blogs.

Some ideas I have:

  • Actual technical posts such as how to test a CSV's contents in Node or what the difference is between Protractor element selectors
  • Technical opinion posts, like best practices and how devs' tests differ from a QA's tests
  • Other components of testing a webapp, like using automation on a cloud service's devices

Right this second, all this is stored in Notion so I stay motivated and can write anywhere:

Screenshot of my Chromebook setup

I'll be using Repl to show actual examples in Jasmine where things aren't Selenium/Protractor specific. I might use something like CodeSandbox for full running Selenium/Protractor examples, but I need to get that set up first. If anyone has any other suggestion for embedding a headed Node process somewhere, I'm all ears.

So yeah... just wanted to give a heads up that another QA blog is getting started. Follow me on DEV if you want to join the ride :D

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