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ItsASine (Kayla)
ItsASine (Kayla)

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Hi, I'm ItsASine 👋

This isn't technically a First Post since I participated in #shecoded, but it'll do.

If you want to skip the life fluff, post your favorite song to code to in the comments! I'm trying to get a solid Spotify playlist going. Right now, it's just JoCo's Code Monkey on repeat.


I'm a test engineer going to grad school for applied math (with kinda a data science focus).

I work in the Protractor + Jasmine test stack and have for the past 3 years now. I pretty much have been doing a mix of:

  • Spinning up environments for new projects
  • Building up E2E test suites with new feature coverage
  • Migrating an in-house C# framework to Protractor
  • Complaining about the sporadic manual tests I do

This is my cat:
Pretty Kitty

He's my Gravatar for my dev stuff email.


I'll likely end up trying to pivot to development or data engineering someday, but for now, I just like to keep learning what all is out there. My current role could easily lead to being an Expert Software Engineer knowing only Protractor + Jasmine, so all my exploring is off the books at home. Anything substantial would need a job change.

Dream job would be something that bridges math and software engineering or be that person that makes infographics for PornHub's Insights blog.

But, yeah, I want your favorite song to code to in the comments!

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I think I don't have a favorite song to code to, I tend to listen to playlists or albums in repeat. I think I need to find one specific song :-D

I know this is not a request form for articles but I would love to know more about E2E testing :-)

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ItsASine (Kayla) Author

I try to keep the music upbeat (stadium rock from the 80s is good for that) and similar enough that it is more of a consistent noise than anything.
My desk is near the foosball table and big conference room. So much noise.

The testing tag has some stuff, but perhaps I'll try to make some posts about it in the future. I only ever see resources on "yo, you should unit test" not, like, how to think about unit testing ideas or the various forms of QA automation testing out there.

I just learned on the job, but my interpretation is E2E (end-to-end) should be entirely full stack. As close to prod as you can reasonably get, it should cover all integrations outside of third party vendors (like, Paypal integration doesn't need to be turned on for real). Test the end product as if you're a drunk user. Do stuff right and wrong and make sure stuff handles that.

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Beautus S Gumede

Hi, I came here, arriving to this post looking for anything else you would have written already about QA. Looking forward to a post similar to this comment but in detail or lengthy

Thread Thread
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ItsASine (Kayla) Author

Hi! It's been on my to-do list of doom for a while now, mainly because grad school kept putting it off and then work got hectic (but I graduated!). Tomorrow I go back to work after a little vacation, so maybe now things are finally reset enough for me to actually create content :D

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Thanks for the pointers!

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