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Level up your CLI with these 5 tools

  • starship is a cross platform terminal prompt. It works with ZSH, FISH, BASH and even Powershell. It has lots of customization options. It shows git status, package info, current folder and lots of stuff.
  • z lets you jump to any folder by just its name no matter how deeply nested the folder structures is. Recently I'm working on a project with amplify which generates deeply nested lambda functions, thanks to z moving between functions is effortless. Z takes some learning so you have to cd around for a bit, after that, you can use z to auto jump.
  • FZF & Ripgrep are useful utilities if you use vim as your text editor. FZF is a fuzzy finder like ctrl+p in vscode and sublime text. Ripgrep is a grep replacement that respects .gitignore and with some other sane defaults.

  • wipe-module deletes node_modules of non-active projects. If you work in javascript/typescript, you need to free some space definitely try this package.

  • ngrok I have used this tunneling service to get https addresses for local testing. very handy while making OAuth lambdas. It also makes sharing your local development server very easy.

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