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Conversion of SSH2 private key to openSSH format using PuTTYgen

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Problem Statement

While working on mercurial(Version Control System), we need to generate different public/private keys for windows & Linux, which leads to have multiple keys for single user.


If we want to access mercurial through Linux with your same key as Windows, then instead of generating a new rsa key pair ,we can reuse same public/private key pair to access mercurial from linux.
Hence same repository you can access via windows or linux without creating separate public/private key pair for both.


Pre-requisite: There must a key pair existing in SSH2 format to access mercurial`


  1. Open the PuTTY Key Generator
  2. On the menu bar, click "File" -> "Load private key"
  3. Select your .ppk file
  4. On the menu bar, click "Conversions" -> "Export OpenSSH key"
  5. Save the file as (without an extension) e.g. mercurial_rsa `

You are all done. Same private key on windows can be reused(with above steps) with Linux.

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