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ReadabilityJS - adding Reader View Mode to websites

One of the features I absolutely love in Firefox is Firefox Reader View. This removes all the clutter and present the content in text format for better readability and relief for eyes(It also removes the ad banners 😉 ).

Not all the browsers (Chrome needs special flag to enable this 😐 ) have a readability mode thus, providing an option for reader mode within your website would be a huge help to your users and would make your webpage more accessible.

The good news is you do not have to implement this on your own, Mozilla has a standalone version of the readability library used for Firefox Reader View - Readability.js.

The usage is pretty simple and straight forward:

  1. We need to include the readability.js in our code in either of 2 ways:
    1. Download the file via
    2. Install npm package -
  2. Create a new Readabilty object from DOM document node

      const article = new Readability(document).parse();

    This article object will have following properties

    • title: article title
    • content: HTML string of processed article content
    • textContent: text content of the article (all HTML removed)
    • length: length of an article, in characters
    • excerpt: article description, or short excerpt from the content
    • byline: author metadata
    • dir: content direction (LTR or RTL)

    Note Readability morphs the actual object so better to pass a clone node.

    const documentClone = document.cloneNode(true);
    const article = new Readability(documentClone).parse();
  3. Substitute this article.textContent in the desired div and done 😎

See this in action here -


HTML view

Text View

text view


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