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Let’s deploy the starter Gatsby template

Gatsby and Netlify Form integration

This is an example site integrating Netlify’s contact form handling with Gatsby:
Alt Text

Adding Forms

Gatsby is built on top of React. So anything that we can do with a React form is possible in Gatsby. Additional details about how to create React forms can be found in the React forms documentation (which happens to be built with Gatsby!)
How to get started documentation can be found here

Integrating Netlify Form Handling in Gatsby

Example for integrating a basic contact form with Netlify’s form handling feature. Demo:

Features: Basic form submission. Example use controlled form to offer more flexibility.


To Deploy on Netlify you will need to follow few steps:

  1. Connect to Github Alt Text
  2. Configure your site - Save and Deploy (change your Repository name) Alt Text

To connect please check my Github, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Thank you for reading!

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Sudhir Dontha

Short, clear and simple!! Nice write up!!

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