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Next.js Commerce: Get Your Store Up And Running

Next.js is a lightweight framework for React applications. As of March 2020, the framework is used by many large websites, including Netflix, Docker, GitHub, Uber, and Starbucks.

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Next.js is the most popular framework for creating React applications that support server-side rendering and generating static websites for React based web applications.

It powers the biggest websites like Airbnb and Twilio, for use cases in e-commerce, travel, news, and marketing.

The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce: Next.js Commerce.

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Next.js Commerce

COVID-19 pandemic reshapes whole world in unprecedented acceleration of e-commerce. The growth in e-commerce due to the pandemic has set a high bar, according to new data from IBM’s U.S. Retail Index, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by roughly five years.

“In collaboration with BigCommerce, Next Commerce is the all-in-one starter kit for high-performance ecommerce sites”.

Next.js Commerce - Vercel partnered with BigCommerce (open SaaS platform for e-commerce ) to release Next.js Commerce.
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Let's learn how you can leverage BigCommerce utilizing the first open source application for e-commerce from Next.js. It is an open source platform that gives all developers the performance, personalization, customization and modern experiences.

You can launch your storefront, it's ready for any hosting platform, and integrate easily with any backend.
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Step 1. Clone Git Repository

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Integrations let you connect your Vercel Project with third-party services to automate aspects of your workflow. The following ones are required for your project, BigCommerce must be installed:
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And as simple as that you have your project deployed, via Vercel (formerly Zeit) as the easiest way to deploy website and host your web projects with zero configuration, automatic SSL, and global CDN. check here

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Discussion (4)

zakirsajib profile image
Zakir Sajib

Does it support multi vendor ?

ivanadokic profile image
Ivana Author

@Zakir Sajib if you already have BigCommece store you just need to set your environment variables .env.local, you can find more info here:

ahzu profile image
Ahzu Direct

I am looking for a good e-commerce front-end to bind to my Strapi server. I will look deeper into this. Thanks for sharing.