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Svelte and TypeScript - Guide

Ever asked if Svelte could be used for business applications? Have you ever wanted to write TypeScript inside your Svelte and SvelteKit applications? Ever struggled to get started?

Then you will finally get an answer here.

Why should you care about TypeScript?

JavaScript does not have a static type system, so we need TypeScript to benefit from the capabilities that types can provide:

  • common error prevention
  • code completion
  • auto-documenting code (kind of)
  • great help for refactoring

Especially if you work a larger team or on a long-running project by using TypeScript you will catch a lot of errors before they even reach the production system.

Getting started

I have collected a few examples that help you get started with TypeScript inside Svelte projects. They should help you getting started. There are also some more advanced example that will help you build complex use-cases in a typesafe way. Along the road you will hopefully also learn some useful TypeScript tipps.

Check it out:

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