Building a Coffee Map with React Native

Ian Wilson on February 15, 2018

The young web developer knows the web. They have spent countless hours slinging divs and casting margins. They have hammered out countless to-do ... [Read Full]
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Love your writing style, Ian! Would be super curious what you think of the revamped Mapbox Maps SDK for React Native if you have another mapping project in the works,


Thank you Erin, glad you enjoyed :)

Funny enough I was in SF the other day and I met my brother after work. We wanted to find all of the restaurants downtown that had happy hour near us (it was about 6:30 so not all of them did!). I remember trying to yelp that but they didn't give those specific hours for happy hour when you tap into a business. There seems to be an idea for an app if its not already out there.

That aside, I'll be sure to check out mapbox again if I do embark on another map project %-)


Why is it that hotshot web developers are willing to learn Javascript, Python, Go, Fortran and Basic but for some reason draws the line learning Swift or Objective-C? As a native mobile developer I honestly don't understand this mindset.


In a way it isn't just as simple as learning Swift/ObjC it is about learning the framework whether you're Kotlin on Android or Swift on iOS the real things you learn are about Android and iOS, right?

I think it is easy to understand that someone would want to take existing knowledge of React (React is to JS & HTML as iOS is to Swift) and get running really quickly.

These days given that for 90%+ of apps you'll see on either App store you can develop a very similar App in a tech you already know like HTML, CSS & JS especially with React, I think the motivation is really easy to understand.

Another point I would make is that JS especially is far more ubiquitous than something like Swift or Kotlin. ObjC is different enough to C/C++ and variants to be also quite niche.

Why would you learn another niche language when you can use what you already know to build Apps for 90% of use cases. As a web developer I honestly don't understand this mindset :P


Ah yeah I put Fortran and Basic there intentionally so it sounds more ridiculous. This is not to say that there is such a stereotype, just light humor.


Thanks a lot for the detailed tutorial. Extremely helpful. I was able to write a store locator app and published it on, by following much of your article. Cheers!


Wow, I just saw this. Congratulations! :)


What will break if you eject expo so that this function could be integrated into other non expo projects?

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