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4+ Best Responsive Eleventy Themes for Blog 2021

Eleventy is a rising generator for JavaScript ecosystem. As a JS devs, you should definitively consider as Jekyll alternative. It perfectly integrates with your favorite package manager NPM and you'll not rely on Rails ecosystem. You really feels at home.

Why do users choose Eleventy?

Eleventy is not only a Jekyll replacement, it comes up with great new feature as a site generator. It supports multiple template language (.md, .ejs, .pug, etc.), highly flexible and good integration with multiple source of date (API, file).

If you plan to use Eleventy as a static site generator for your next blog. You'll eventually consider to implement from scratch. Or, if you want to save time you should use a pre-made theme. And here, you'll able to find my short list of Eleventy Themes in 2021.

These themes are truly valuable and make it easier for you to build a blog.

Blue Minimalist Eleventy Theme

Minimal 11ty theme

A responsive and clean theme perfect for your blog or portfolio. A minimal first theme with no frills.

Minimal Eleventy theme - More info

Blue Modern Eleventy Theme

Modern 11ty theme

A modern and simple theme. On the homepage, a card grid with image and on the post page, a classic two-column.

Modern Eleventy theme - More info

Blue Eclatant Eleventy Theme

Portfolio 11ty theme

Awesome responsive two-column blog theme with blue as main color.

Portfolio Eleventy theme - More info

Blue Dark Eleventy Theme

Dark 11ty theme

Dark Eleventy theme - More info

The only dark theme of the list. For all pages, you'll will have one column for the content and another column for the sidebar.


I'm the author of all 4 themes. It all comes up with Tailwind CSS, lazy loading images (lazysizes), syntax highlighting (prism.js), HTML and CSS compressor (HTMLMinifier and cssnano). I've built these 4+ template with minimal code, SEO-friendly and Production-ready in mind.

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Bob Walsh

Great Theme (Blue Dark Eleventy Theme), but you might want to fix the word "raising" in your first (and most important) sentence: "Eleventy is a raising generator for JavaScript ecosystem. Should be rising.

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Remi W.

Thank you for your feedback. I've just made the change.

I'm open to any feedback, don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help.