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🚀 Free 11ty template styled with Tailwind CSS built for blogging

ixartz profile image Rem W. ・1 min read

11ty template for blogging

I have just finished my 11ty template. A very simple and clean template for Eleventy using Tailwind CSS.

You can find a demo at this location: Eleventy Starter Boilerplate demo.

If you are interested by the theme, the code source was published on GitHub: Eleventy Starter Boilerplate

The project have already reached 40+ stars on GitHub. 🔥

Why I built a 11ty template?

Not long time ago, I have built the starter code (that's why it reaches 40+ GitHub stars). Some people asking me why there is no theme and they are thinking the CSS style was broken. Actually, it wasn't an issue with the template and the reason was I didn't implement a theme for the starter code. So, the style was incredible ugly 😅.

Yesterday, I took the time to implement a theme for this starter code and make it more appealing. Now, there is no reason the project could not reach 100+ stars. 🚀

Other 11ty templates

If you think this theme was too simple, you can see more Eleventy themes. Fully responsive and also built in Tailwind CSS using the same starter code.

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