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How KWoC helped me get an experience of open source.

About KWoC

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program conducted by KOSS for students who are new to open source software development. The program not only helps students to get involved in open source, but also prepares them for many open source summer programs; Google Summer of Code being one of them.

My contributions

I was not able to contribute much during KWoC as I was working on some other side project. It ain't much


I contributed to 4 different projects during this period.

Merged PRs


My contributions were mainly in Python and JavaScript.


I am student of IIT Kharagpur. When I first heard about KWoC and open source last year, I was not really into it because I did not know what opensource is. Later, after getting the essence of opensource and getting to know how great it is, I started contributing to opensource on GitHub. So, naturally, I participated in Hacktoberfest and now in KWoC. I even aspire to participate in GSoC 2021 now.


KWoC is definitely a great experience mainly to students aspiring for GSoC and similar programs. The mentor-mentee interactions can be be very helpful sometimes. Although if you do not contribute much during the period, you will definitely get a considerable exposure.

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