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Which Non-US Software Engineers Should I Follow? (Includes Big Twitter Thread)

jacobherrington profile image Jacob Herrington (he/him) ・1 min read

I've been trying to expand my network, and I'm particularly passionate about building relationships with software engineers in other parts of the world.

I asked Twitter to recommend a few new faces for me to follow, and I got an awesome response in this Thread:

I advise anyone looking for more international diversity in their Twitter feed to check that thread out!

Now, I'm asking the same question here!

Who should I follow (non-US please)?

Twitter links, Dev.to profile links, blog articles, or whatever are all appreciated!


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If you go to the top all-time posts on DEV, you won't see many American-based authors as you scroll down the list compared to folks from around the world.

For the Big Thread Badge we saw multiple winners from the continents of Oceania and Africa before we got our first North American winner.

So, suffice to say, if you're following popular developers here, you're going to get folks from around the world. I think the center of gravity on Twitter are still California (big tech) and New York (media). We don't have that same pull around here.


What does that page use to determine order? It's not date (for all posts > 1 gazillion hearts) and it's not (total interactions) and it's not (number of hearts). I am confuse.


We have a pretty cool community in Latin America, I'll tag some from Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil so you can check it out, maybe consider sending some talks to our events 🎉












And this is kind of self-marketing but my Twitter too 😅


Let's keep in touch! 🚀


I spoke at a conference with Erick Wendel, he is a very nice guy. Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to follow you.


Oh! That's so cool, I met him back in June this year, we spoke together at Node Conf Colombia 😁 Great 🚀


Could you describe the areas of your interest?

Like: specific language, architecture, security, devops, cloud?




I love web development, super interested in cloud stuff, programming language doesn't matter to me


You should follow Dan Abramov, he's based in London so I guess he fits the query



Not super active on social media but he puts out a lot of OSS work.


I have no idea what countries most of the people I follow come from. Unless they're talking about local events or writing in another language, what difference does it make?