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Hey there! Just out of curiosity, I'm asking you what's an H-T-M-L?

Good! It's called Hypertext Markup Language and it's not a programming language.

Why it's called as a markup language? Because there are tags included and it's not dynamic. Didn't get through? See this example.

"<"html> "<"/html>

• That's a html tag, my friend. Try to see it without quotes. It's the begining tag and the ending tag with a backslash "/".

• Form basic web development projects to deployment of your work, you're gonna need HTML.

• index.html is the root file when it comes to deploying your project in a remote server.

As we speak of programming languages, what's the syntax of HTML5?

Semsntics of HTML

Whenever you wanted to make a website for yourself, you're gonna make use of these tags for sure.

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