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Jagannath Krishna.P.A
Jagannath Krishna.P.A

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Many Beginner programmers learn code in the wrong way. They learn to code like this:

  • Write all the information they learn in a notebook.
  • Learn all the syntax.
  • Learn some theories.
  • Learn all definitions.
  • etc. (You may know some other points if you are like this)

But, after all these, if someone told them to code a project, the can't. They tell so many definition, theories etc. but they can't code. They don't know how to.

So, we can understand this is not the true way of learning code. The true way of learning code is.... is... by Googling. Yah!! You read that right. Googling is the key. If you forget a syntax, just google it. If you caught an error, just google, if you forget something else, just google. So, when there is google you don't need to learn all things thoroughly. Just understand the concept. But the thing is if you forget some syntax, you can google. But you need to know where to put that in code. That is the key. No matter you copy & pasted from stack overflow or from somewhere else, you need to know where to paste it. So, Just understand the concept.

I hope you understood my message. Also Share this message to beginner programmers. This might help them.

Thank You For Reading. Have a Nice day. And comment is open for you valuable replies.

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Birdie Ou

It's a helpful tip. Thanks for sharing. My problem is I keep reading books but not spending time taking coding challenges. It is not about rote memorization. It is more about training problem solving skills. Do research so to be able to use what you have found to pick it in the right place to solve a problem.