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Metacryp new cryptocurrency for trust

Metacryp is a cryptocurrency designed primarily for smart contracts. It is centralized but you can change your wallet code after each transaction so that you don't leave a trace on the network. By changing your wallet code frequently, you can maintain your anonymity.

What is a smart contract?

Smart contract page
A smart contract is an excellent strategic program to combat fraud. For example, you sign an agreement with Tom, you will create a site for him, and in return he will pay you 50 MCR. But Tom turned out to be unscrupulous and did not pay for your work. You can't do anything. But now there is a solution, you make a smart deal with Tom. When a smart contract is created, 50 MCR will be credited to the smart contract account. When he clicks the Smart Contract execution button at the bottom of the Smart Contract using the Secret key, 50 MCR from the Smart Contract will be transferred to your account. Great no scams.

How to make money with metacryp (MCR)?

In the stock market, you buy when it's cheap and sell it when it's expensive.
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