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Hosting Your Little Website Online For Free In 2022

Launching your little website online is not hard at all, instead, it just takes a few clicks to get started! This article uses a free service called PleasantFree.

PleasantFree comes with many features out of the box. When compared to other free hosting providers, in my opinion, it's the best you can get!

Step 1: Signup For An Account

You can signup for an account from You need to fill in only the minimum personal information which is required by their policy.
Signup Image

Step 2: Verify Email

You should get an email from You will get a button to verify your account access. It should be something like this:

Verify Email

Step 3: Create Hosting Account

New Account Btn
Here you can now create an account with the name of the website you want to host and not your details and you do so by clicking on the Create Account button.

Use A Free Subdomain

If you don't have a domain, you can use the free domains provided by PleasantFree! Simply enter your desired subdomain name and click on the search button to check if it's available.

Subdomain Example

Use Custom Domain

Here if you have your custom domain, you can enter it and change your nameservers at your domain registrar to point to PleasantFree servers. Refer to this article if you're having a difficult time doing this.

Custom Domain Example

After you have created your account, it will take some to set up the account on the server-side. It usually takes ~ 5 minutes. A wait for service as this is worth the time!


Once your account is active, you can do various functions and play with the account for as much time as you want! To make sure your account is set up successfully, open your website address in a new tab. If active, it should show something like this:
Account Active

Else, it will take time to propagate due to an internet mechanism called DNS Propagation, which slows the process sometimes.

You can log in to the control panel, access file manager, edit account information and literally much more!

Active Account

Make Website

Open your file manager from the button at Go to the htdocs directory and delete all files inside it. Then, create a new file named index.html and put the following code inside it and save the file.

<h1>And yes, It works like a charm!</h1>
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With that, your little website is now live on the internet running on free resources! You can install CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and ~ 450 more!

You can also upload custom PHP code and leverage the free SQL databases! Enjoy your free website!

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