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Why you should write blogposts more often

Almost two years ago I wrote my first blogpost online, I discovered the amazing platform, it looked nice and friendly so I jump in and wrote about the first topic that came to my mind.

I was doing an internship with the oportunity of getting a job after it was done and I tried to call the attention of the people working at the company.

I discovered on Twitter and immediately fell in love with the community, everyone was encouraging each other to write and share knowldege no matter the level of expertise, so that was my opportunity.

I wrote a blogpost titled I'm developing software and I don't Google anymore, suprinsigly the post had a lot of momentum and I was quite nervous about the responses I could get because it is kind of a polemic topic, and responses came...

Tons of feedback came in: a lot of nice comments from people already using Duckduckgo suggesting new features and tools, but I also got feedback that helped me grow and learn: Suggestions about improving my writing (like make it gender neutral), corrections about some statements I made, etc.

The community was really nice and helpful and I learned a lot of things from writing my first blogpost. But wait! There's more...

After I wrote my article I share it with the people at the company I was doing an internship in and I think it helped me to get the job because there were 5 interns at the time and only two were hired. Good companies love to give back and share knowldege and mine is one of them.

Also, I recently got a message from a website that wanted to feature my blogpost that was written 2 years ago! This brings another benefit specially for undergraduate and junior developers looking for a job: Exposure.

In conclusion, writing blogposts brings a lot of benefits to you: Increases your communication skills, gives you exposure, connects you with people of similar interests, provides different perspectives of the topic you are writing on, etc. And for me there's no better platform to write on that here on!

What benefits you can tell about writing blogposts that can inspire others to start writing as well?

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Binyamin Green

You brought up some interesting points. To answer your prompt: As an intermittent blogger, I feel that writing an article forces you to flesh-out an idea, which is a vital component of programming.

By the way, I totally agree with what you say regarding the friendliness Dev.To community. Collectively, the writers and readers maintain a very inviting atmosphere. It strikes me as very unique among the many websites which exist.

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Corey McCarty

There are lots of good reasons to blog more.

I'd appreciate your feedback on my post.