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Laravel's Model View Controller: What Are The Benefits?

It is an undeniable fact that web development has gone through rapid changes in the last decade. And one of those rapid changes we need to mention is the emergence of the Laravel framework in PHP web development language.

Granted, to some readers the emergence of Laravel may not seem like a big thing, but to the ones who are well involved in the world, the development would agree. Laravel is a PHP framework that has made web development twice as easier than it was before. And one of the top benefits of Laravel would be the MVC architectural system it uses.

The use of MVC pattern has been in the market for a long time, but with laravel, it is helping the developers to create the perfect website. An abbreviation for Model View Controller, the MVC model helps them to implement a user interface on websites.

What MVC pattern usually does is separate input and output of an application. This model is divided into three parts- the model, the view and the controller. The three components handle specific development aspects of a website or web application built using Laravel.

In this structure, the controller will receive the requests of the application made by the user, and then instruct the model to prepare the information asked for by the View, and the view displays the output to the user.


Model is the central component of the pattern. Independent of the user interface, it is the application’s dynamic data structure. This level represents data to the users. This layer does not know anything about the View and the Controller. It can be a single object or a structure of objects.


This is a visual representation of the MVC model. With this, the output is displayed to the users. Even though it is an important part of the entire system, the View is still not able to display anything all by themselves. It is either the controller or the Model that instructs the View what needs to be displayed.

View also handles requests from the users and informs the controller accordingly. It is connected to its model and accesses the necessary data by asking relevant questions and updated the model by sending appropriate instructions. These questions and instructions are sent in easy terminology for the model to understand.


The controller is the brain of the entire system. It acts as the link between the user and the system. Controller’s job is to understand the user inputs, convert it into appropriate output and displaying it to the users through View.

Now Let’s Talk About the Top 6 Benefits Of Laravel’s MVC Model

Take a look at any Laravel benefits article online and you will see them mentioning the use of MVC model as one of the top benefits. But what are the benefits of the MVC model separately?

Below we have listed six benefits of Laravel’s MVC model. If you are doubtful about using laravel framework for your web development project or looking to hire expert laravel developer, then give this a read. These benefits might change your mind for the better.

Faster Development Process

With the MVC system, developers can perform parallel development at a rapid speed. With this model, one programmer can easily work on the view while another programmer can work on the controller to create business logic for the web application. This simultaneous work benefit can reduce the development by three times than the development time frame of any other development patterns.

The Ability To Provide Multiple Views

One of the top benefits of Laravel’s MVC model is that the developers can create multiple views for a model. There are increasing demands for new ways to access applications and that is why MVC can be a perfect solution. And not to mention, since the developers can separate data and business logic from the display, the risk of code duplication is lesser than usual.

Modifications Do Not Affect The Entire Model

For web applications and websites, the UI change is something that happens quite frequently. These changes may include changes in the fonts and colors, screen layouts, and adding new device supports.

Adding new types of views are easy with the MVC model since the Model part does not depend on the Views part. And that’s why any changes in the model do not affect the entire structure.

Returns Data Without Formatting

Another benefit of the MVC pattern is that it returns data without applying any kind of formatting. Which is why the same components can be used and called for by the developers with any interface. As an example, you can format any kind of data with HTML, on the other hand, you can also format it with Macromedia Flash or Dreamweaver.

SEO Friendly Development Platform

If you want to develop SEO friendly web pages, websites or web applications, the Laravel based MVC structure is your best bet. This architectural system helps the developers to generate more traffic for the website by creating SEO friendly URLs.

Commonly used in the Test-Driven Development applications, MVC can be used to create feature-rich web applications that work perfectly to generate more business and satisfy users.

Perfect For Large Scale Projects

Web development projects which are large in scale need a bigger development team. Even then there are many problems with large scale web development projects that can arise, with so many different elements of the project needing complete attention from the developers.

And that’s why you need a team with laravel developer skills. With Laravel MVC architectural system, you can easily handle large scale projects.

You must know the benefits of the MVC model if you are feeling doubtful about choosing Laravel for your website development. By following the MVC model, Laravel makes it easier for you to create a better and useful website with a perfectly working component that looks aesthetically pleasing as well. The developers can handle the different elements better with this framework and that’s why choosing Laravel is going to be the best decision for your website development project.

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