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Joan Alba Maldonado
Joan Alba Maldonado

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Some old mIRC add-ons (1998 to 2001)

Here there is a list of different add-ons I made for mIRC (very old versions), the most famous IRC client. They were made from 1998 to 2001.

mNotify 0.96b (3rd June 2001): improves and enhances the “notify” function. Configurable.

Nickah 0.05 (13th January 2001): configurable nick completion.

PolishKill 1.00b (11th January 2001): lets you configure actions for users who uses some server-assigned names.

FastMSG 0.20b (9th January 2001): reproduces a sound and opens a window with a message that can be sent to you through CTCP. Configurable

AwaYeah 0.25b (19th May 2001): improves and enhances the “away” function with different things including sending an SMS to your phone. Includes FastMSG 0.20b. Needs SmS CoNTRoLeR (with SmS Sender 2.2 by hPm) by |-FaiR-| (not included). Configurable.

aXpect 0.10b (16th December 2001): improves mIRC visual aspect and also reacts to desired words by performing chosen actions. Configurable.

FileInfo 0.25b (29th November 2000): shows and stores information about the computer where it is executed.

mHTML 0.01b (10th December 2001): offline HTML browser for mIRC. Not functional.

MasterPubli 0.05b (24th March 2001): simple add-on to advertise anything you want.

Enteo-Psiquers AddOn 0.10b (17th June 2001): showed news about Enteo-Psiquers on-line shop by using sockets.

Emu (7th August 1998): informative and educative add-on that shows information about emulators. It also sent information about an emulation CD as well as the steps to follow to join a software development team (called Honor Software) which I tried to create.

Distance AddOn 0.05 (8th July 2001): script to remote control someone’s computer (it could be considered a trojan if the user did not know what is the script for).

PubliBOT 0.01b/0.001b (21st December 2001): an advertisement bot (spambot) made for mIRC with different options.

They can be found on GitHub:

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FWIW, I'm one of the two remaining developers of Gamers.IRC, so if anyone is into mIRC development: we always need more devs with more time. :-)

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Joan Alba Maldonado

Thank you for the information!

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Justin Behanna

I'm a huge mIRC fan. I learned to code by writing scripts for mIRC 4.72 back in 1997. I always thought it would be a fun side project to write something mIRC/IRC related.