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C# 9.0 Feature - Omit New Expression

With .NET 5.0, Microsoft has released new version of C# and It got some cool new features. So I'm creating a video series about those new features and this is video is second of them. In this video, We are going to learn how we can omit the new expression and we have to write less code when we know the type of object we are creating.

In this video, I have created an simple console application and explained how we can omit the New Expression in C# 9.0. If we know the type and if we don't know the type i.e. we use var keyword then its giving errors.

For more details please do watch my video.

Here is a complete list of video series:

Part 1: C# 9.0 Feature - Top New Level Statement​

Part 2: C# 9.0 Feature - Omit New Expression

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