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Jacob Mer.
Jacob Mer.

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Taskban, a free and open source personal productivity application

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I am a software engineering student and have learned a lot from people who share their knowledge for free. So I also wanted to contribute to this cause that knowledge is free and collective.


A personal productivity tool developed with C# and XAML. I want it to be a combination of three tools: a task list, a Kanban board and a pomodoro. So, in the future, I will finish developing it.


It was mainly because I was looking for an application that combines a Microsoft To Do style, a kanban board and a pomodoro for tasks.
I still need to develop some features like the pomodoro, but I will do it eventually.
I would like to have your criticism and opinions because maybe I don't know many things that I should know. For example, best practices or design patterns.

Download and source

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