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A detailed comparison of the Ivacy VPN and HotspotShield VPN

HotspotShield VPN
With more than 650 million clients, HotSpot Shield VPN ( released by AnchorFree) is separated into two items: a free VPN administration which is progressively similar to an intermediary with data transmission top and a premium paid VPN named "HotSpot Shield Elite".
Hotspot Shield VPN General Info and Features
Hotspot shield works well with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.
By and large RANK: #31st out of 74 VPNs
LOG FILES: Some logging
ENCRYPTION: 256-bit AES encryption
PROTOCOLS: Catapult Hydra (it's own exclusive convention)
LOCATIONS: 25 nations
NETFLIX: Working

Murder SWITCH: Yes
Program EXTENSION: Yes
Switch INSTALL: Yes

Cost of HotspotShield VPN
COST: $3.49/mo and constrained free arrangement – 45 days cash back
Pros of Using Hotspot Shield

  1. Quickest Speed (Except in the U.S.) On the correct servers, Hotspot Shield is quick.
  2. Unimaginable User Experience They made the most wonderfully structured VPN that I have ever utilized.
  3. Torrenting is Fully Supported An incredible aspect regarding Hotspot Shield is that, not normal for a portion of their rivals, they totally and wholeheartedly support unknown torrenting. Cons of Using Hotspot Shield
  4. CDT Privacy Accusations and the FTC Investigation Hotspot Shield has dependably been a somewhat suspicious organization.
  5. Faulty Privacy and Logging Policies AnchorFree is transparently connected with various outsider promoting organizations who make Hotspot Shield free conceivable. While this is a truly regular practice for a free VPN administration, when you begin diving into the security arrangement, things get troublesome.
  6. Ticketed Customer Support As you'll see, extraordinary client administration isn't on that reality. There is a ticket system for the user queries and the customer support is really not great.
  7. Catapult Hydra as well as No TOR Compatibility

In addition to the fact that Hotspot shields do not offer similarity with The Orion Router or some other outsider intermediaries (an extraordinarily helpful element in nations like China and North Korea), however, they limit all clients to their exclusive Catapult Hydra protocol. While they used to help the OpenVPN protocol, this changed after the presentation of their Catapult Hydra.

Read out detailed comparison of the Ivacy VPN

Thus, we have seen a detailed comparison between the Ivacy VPN and Hotspotshield VPN in the above article. Now, a natural question arises is which is better to opt for, Ivacy or Hotspotshield. Well, the answer is naturally the Ivacy Hotspot. As we have seen above that Ivacy VPN is far better than the HotspotShield VPN. The monthly charges of Ivacy VPN are higher than that of Hotspot shield VPN as they are providing better services.
You should definitely go for Ivacy VPN as it is a better company and provide a wide range of services in a single package. They are really worth trying if you are looking for a VPN which fulfils all the general purposes.

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